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[Must See] Female Rapper Eva Alordia Talks about S€x & Virginity

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Popular and Fastest award winning female Rapper Eva Alordia Talks about sex and virginity on her Insta Handle.

She Said:

evaxalordiahIt is very interesting to me that many parents expect that their children will not have #S€x because the Pastor says they will go to hell.
So instead of starting and engaging in helpful, meaningful discussions about S€x with their children, they leave the portals open for outsiders. Friends, Movies, Music Videos, the Internet, or hey, maybe me 🤫
Unfortunately many parents were not taught better by their own parents and so the cycle continues.

Now kids are unfortunately left to the #subsconscious programming from other kids in their peer groups who Do not know any better. They are led to think their friends are way cooler because they have finally ‘done it’. They think they are missing something cause they themselves have no stories of s€xcapades to share.
Here’s a kind reminder that holding on to your #Virg!nity is a Question of #Discipline. The longer you wait it out, the better you may become at disciplining yourself down the line.
_When it comes to #S€x, Your natural free flowing Energies and Desires, know that there is so much to explore and you have your whole Life ahead of you to do all the exploring you want.
For now, enjoy Harnessing your Powerful Energy and putting it to Creative use.

#WaterWomanEvaAlordiah 💦
If you do decide to have S€x, let it be on your own terms, and do use a #C0ndom.

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